Considerations when Purchasing an Electronic Scoreboard

Buying an electronic scoreboard is an important investment for any club, therefore it is vital that the money is invested wisely and efficiently in a scoreboard that is customized to suit the clubs needs. One of the main advantages FSL Scoreboards have over their competitors is that all their electronic scoreboards are manufactured in-house which means that FSL Electronics can offer bespoke design and manufacturing to suit any pitch, ground or stadium. The main issues to consider before buying a new scoreboard are:-

Structure – Is the existing fascia and supportive woodwork suitable for the refurbishment? If not, FSL can remove the existing fascia and supply a new fascia which is finished in marine plywood A sound structure is important for your Scoreboard whether it be a new frame structure or an existing Scoreboard hut or clubhouse – FSL can even offer a trolley making your scoreboard portable!

Scoreboard Layout – FSL can advise you on the design, size, and layout of boards plus construction materials. Send a rough drawing of what you require and the measurements of your scorehut and FSL technicians will supply you with a detailed drawing for the clubs carpenters to fit, most clubs do the installations themselves to save money.

Easy Installation – No specialist installation is required as scoreboards are shipped with integral brackets so they can be mounted by the customer, either on a wall or posts. All that is needed is to connect the mains lead to a supply and switch on the controller.

Viewing Distance – with a range of digit sizes FSL Scoreboards can be made to suit your ground specifically. With a no obligation site survey, a member of the FSL team can call to your ground and evaluate the important factors such as where best to put the scoreboard to ensure maximum viewing for all spectators, specific digit size and how these would look at different areas of the ground.

Protection – Protecting club equipment is essential and this of paramount importance in the design of FSL Scoreboards Housed in a powder coated aluminum enclosure ensuring the scoreboard is protected from the elements, ball strikes and vandalism. For further information contact FSL

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