Extend the view of your Cricket scoreboard with the FSL Repeater Display

Cricket repeater pavilion mock up

As always, we try our best to situate our electronic scoreboard in a prime location that can be seen by spectators, players & officials. However, in some cases this is not possible.

FSL have developed a ‘repeater scoreboard’  – ideal for use around the club grounds, where the main scoreboard is not in full view. Repeater scoreboards are effectively displayed around the pavilion / club house, inside or outside and will display Total, Wickets & Overs.

How do they work? – Very simple – The repeater receives the same transmission from the control console & will work in tandem with the main scoreboard.

Available in 2 variants:

          2inch digits (single line display)                                4inch digits (double line display)

2' single line cricket repeater (low res)

4' double line cricket repeater (low res)

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