Helping clubs generate funds for a new scoreboard


Fundraising is such an important element for sports clubs to continue to develop and sustain their growth. FSL have developed some innovative fundraising ideas and options that will help support clubs & facilities raise the money to fund a new or upgrade scoreboard and for other things that matter.


Sport clubs, like yours, can raise some extra funds via sponsorship where the sponsor can get vast publicity by having their logo / name featured around your club facilities. Clubs can put together sponsorship packs to highlight the benefits of sponsoring your club. Some examples include sponsoring club jerseys, kit bags, leisure wear, merchandise, match day sponsor, website or programme advertising, pitch advertising signage and scoreboard sponsors.

Many clubs have opted to source a “scoreboard sponsor” to raise funds (and a little bit more) for a new scoreboard. As the scoreboard is the focal point for eyes from the crowd throughout games and think how many times people glance at it, this will certainly give a company some superb brand recognition.



Fan-funding via TIFOSY
Fan funding is a way to raise money, awareness and support for a project, from the people around you – the club fans & supporters. Fans are the most important people within a club, without them a club would fail to prosper. FSL Scoreboards are currently working in partnership with TIFOSY, the leading sports fan funding platform, together helping clubs raise funds for new electronic scoreboards.
For more details visit TIFOSY –

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easyPay Finance
Our No.1 priority is to make it easy as possible for sports clubs to finance their scoreboards. Our easyPay option allows customers to spread the cost of their scoreboard into monthly instalments over an agreed period of time. Interest free finance for 12 months, and finance available up to 24 months. Provided directly by FSL Scoreboards.
Treat your club today the easyPay way, without breaking the bank!



Grants: Local authority / Sports associations

Facilities are fundamental in providing more people with the opportunity to play sport. Local authorities and sports associations are continually investing in sports at every level to help develop and improve club facilities for community benefit. Most local authorities offer capital sports grants for the purchase of required equipment to improve the quality and provision of sporting experiences for people living in the local area. Further information should be available via your local authority website.

FSL Scoreboards are continually working in partnership with sporting bodies to offer discounts to member clubs via facility development schemes. Please contact us to find out if your club is eligible for these discounts.


If you wish to seek further assistance on any of the funding sources, please contact our team
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