St Andrews College – Dublin

‘Having done a lot of research into various jump systems, JumpMat ticked all the boxes I wanted without breaking the bank. It is compact, there is a great travel case and charger included. It is wireless and runs with a free app on iOS. Set up is very easy and inputing athletes details is very simple and easily adjustable.’

‘Athletes can access their own data and progress and as admin you can access data for all athletes and display on screen or export to excel for analysis. You can compare jumps from any date in an athlete’s history. It has options for unilateral and bilateral as well as rebound, depth and vertical and repeated. Power, height, RSI, take off velocity etc are all displayed and you can have immediate access to a progress graph or export to excel.’

‘Highly recommend this jump system and the customer support from FSL for any queries has been excellent. Really looking forward to making this an integral part of our off, pre and in-season programmes and using with PE classes.’

David Jones – Head of S&C 


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