TCS/PCS Pro Connection – Laptop Scoreboard Control

£ 65.00 Exc.VAT

Control your FSL LED Scoreboard with the PCS Pro connection cable, using it to connect your FSL Cricket Console to your Play Cricket Scorer Pro equipped Laptop!


Utilising PCS allows Cricket Clubs to:

  • Updates all batsman and bowler statistics
  • Provides live scores on the internet
  • Controls FSL Scoreboards from a Laptop PC
  • Handles traditional scorecard and linear scoresheets
  • Displays multiple graphs for statistical use

All FSL Cricket Scoreboards are TCS/PCS Ready; this means all new FSL Cricket Consoles can connect to a laptop running Total Cricket Scorer enabling all Clubs with the upgraded version of the Total Cricket Scorer to control and update their scoreboard from their laptop. The console connects to the laptop the TCS/PCS Lead, shown above, thus enabling the operator to update the scoreboard by using the FSL Cricket Console. For games not requiring TCS/PCS the console can be used to operate the scoreboard as normal.

With the rise in TCS useage, we have incorporated this functionality into to all new Cricket scoreboard packages, ensuring you have all that you need in one complete package.

Additional information

Dimensions 180 × 1 × 1 cm

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