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You have questions? We have the answers. For all other enquiries, feel free to contact us.

What is the warranty provided with your Scoreboards?

We provide a 2 year warranty, with 12 months on-site coverage.

What is the lead time for a new Scoreboard system?

Lead time for standard Scoreboards is 4-5 weeks, while bespoke models may take longer.

How are the Scoreboards powered?

Scoreboards come equipped with a 240v 3-pin plug connection as standard.

What is the operational range of your Scoreboard Remote Controls?

The range for Scoreboard control is 250m.

Do you provide Telephone Support?

We provide Telephone Support for all Software and Hardware.

Do you offer service Maintenance Packages?

Yes, Maintenance Packages are available upon request.

I am looking for a sponsor, can you help?

We provide a graphic and sponsor pack bespoke for your club to approach sponsors.

How can I monetise my Scoreboard?

Using annual sponsorships for the Scoreboard display provide a return on investment.

I have broken my handset, what can I do?

Contact us by phone or email and we will arrange a repair for you.

How long do repairs usually take?

Average repair time is 2-3 weeks, any changes will be advised by our customer service team.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we offer Payment Plans on a per enquiry basis.

Do the posts/framework come supplied with the Scoreboard?

Posts/Framework can be provided at an additional cost.

Do the Scoreboards come with mounting brackets?

All of our Scoreboards are provided with mounting brackets

Can FSL advise on concrete base and post specifications?

Yes, we can provide all information required for the installation of your Scoreboard.

Can the Scoreboards be seen in direct sunlight?

Our Scoreboards are equipped with brightness adjustment features to ensure the board is visible at all times.