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Accompanied by our unique App, the JumpMat has the ability to store, analyse, export, and present athletic data so you don’t have too! Through the use of timeline graphs and over 24 Jump Modes, you will be able to create your very own reports to show the effectiveness of your training programmes.

Athletes can create their own password protected user accounts, where they can test and store data for review, or export data in order for them to conduct tailored in-depth analysis.

The JumpMat single user version allows you to store your information on the tablet. You can then review your progress on your own password protected account. You will also have access to unlimited testing of guest users. If you wish to save the information of guest users for analysis, you can upgrade to the Unlimited package by contacting us below!


*The JumpMat Pro is only compatible with Tablet Devices

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Introducing JumpMat Pro.

JumpMat is a tool which assesses lower body power, delivering metrics through an app-based system, providing a sound basis from which analytical decisions can be made.

Whether you are a Personal Trainer/ Physiotherapist/ Performance Manager/ Coach, you  need a way to simplistically show your Athletes/Clients that you are developing their fitness levels, and that they are getting value for money (Without taking all day to do it!). By fitness testing on the JumpMat, you will be able to compare and contrast information from previous tests, showing how athletes have progressed from the previous date, all in a instant!

JumpMat is extremely portable, with it’s custom designed carry bag weighing less than 1kg, you can take Fitness Testing anywhere, whether it be a Flight, a Train, or a Bike. Simple!

Endorsed by representatives of the IRFU, IFA, England Rugby, and scientifically verified on accuracy by the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, you are looking at the #1 value for money offering on the market.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 70 × 2 cm
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